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The Vison Elmira Needs, The Protector it Deserves

This jolly jade juggernaut started with a question:  What if…? What if…this community had a superhero of its own?   What if…this hero existed not to tell you what to do or how to do it, but had the power to show you alternate life choices and the consequences of those choices?  What if… this hero dressed in super spiffy duds and was an active, vital entity for our community to share and enjoy?

            Economic Opportunity Program, Inc. is pleased to announce that our community now has all of the above and his name is the Green Guardian.  The Green Guardian is an Emissary Of Peace created to be a visual representation of the mission statement of EOP, Inc.; namely, to create positive change in individuals, families, and our community.  To be sure, he represents power; but it is not power in the usual slam-bang sense.  The Green Guardian represents the power of empowerment and one’s own power to choose to make positive change on one’s life.  He does so by virtue of his eclectic set of super powers.

            The Green Guardian’s primary power is something we call Oracle Vision.  Oracle Vision grants him the ability to peer into the past, present and future of individuals.  He can show them the paths created by the choices they make in their lives, both good (productive) and not-so-good (destructive).  While he never advocates a particular agenda for anyone, he does empower the individual to ruminate on the results of the choices and options that are presented.  Oracle Vision also grants our hero the power to see when someone is not being truthful.  This allows him to dole out a sense of reality to the individual that cannot be hidden or denied.

The Green Guardian’s other power comes from his indestructible shield, or Aegis as it is properly known.  His Aegis is never used for aggression, only protection and defense. It is a mirror-like conduit through which he is able to show individuals their life choices.  He is a true guardian for those he comes across, regardless of who or what they are.  He meets people where they are, without judgment or condemnation.  He will never harm anyone, or allow anyone he comes into contact with to be harmed.  Rather, our greatest hope is that he will inform and inspire our community to be their own heroes and champions: not superheroes dressed in tights and capes, but heroes of their own lives and the lives of those that surround them. We hope to help people so that their First Choices can always be their Best Choices!

            The Green Guardian made his debut in May 2014! It is a comic book that is action-packed and fun for all ages.  We use 100% local talent for the script, the art, and the production of the book.  EOP, Inc. is uniquely positioned in this community to publish a one-of-a-kind adventure strip that we are sure will entertain, educate, and amaze. We hope to create positive change in our community, by first helping to create it in our families, and most importantly, in our greatest asset: our people.

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