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Ernie Davis
Community Center

Carrying on the proud tradition of the Neighborhood House, also known as “The Nabe”, the Ernie Davis Community Center serves the Young Adults (ages 13 to 21) of our community. 

The Ernie Davis Community Center enriches the community and continues to carry on the legacy of the great Ernie Davis.

The center provides:

  • After-school cultural & recreational activities

  • Academic tutoring & educational assistance

  • Nutritious meals each day to support mental & physical development

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Academic Enrichment

The tutoring services help prepare students with overcoming academic challenges,  developing academic skills, strength of character, and emotional well-being to excel in school, lead in their communities, and realize their best possible selves.

Tutoring Services

Growing, developing, and maintaining the interaction and communication between teachers and parents are vital for the success of the child.

Collaboration with Teachers & Parents

Getting involved in the community is vital for long-term success. Community service work can be a wonderful way for  students to gain valuable life experiences and help others.

Community Involvement

(including service opportunities)

Another way for students to get involved, learn leadership skills, and have some control of their own activities at The Nabe.

Activity Advisory Cmte

Teaches crucial life skills such as planning and deadlines. Provides writing and journalism experience. Develops creative experiences and expressions. Develop a personal portfolio of work and accomplishments

Editorial Paper 'Nabe News'

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Club. This prepares students for success in today’s technological age. Learn improved problem-solving abilities, enhanced communication & collaboration skills, and confidence to adapt to changes.

S.T.E.M. Club

EDCC has partnered with Corning, Inc. robotics for STELA (Science Technology Entrepreneurship Leadership Academy)

Enrichment through Innovation is the guiding principle for the STELA team.  Engagement with underprivileged youth to give them “hand-on” ability to create and see just how math, technology and leadership work together for their future.

STELA / Robotics

Health & Fitness

Exercise and fun, with a little teamwork development thrown in.

Basketball (Boys & Girls)

More than just in-person cooking. Learning to cook in a fun and nutritious way.

Jr. Cooking Classes

The Community Food For Jobs Program (CFJP) is an educational apprenticeship program with a professional Culinary Instructor. Participant are learning skills and knowledge and are primed to pass the ServSafe National exam than can lead to various job opportunities.

Nationally Certified Culinary Training

Everyone benefits from exercise, regardless of age, sex or physical ability.

Not only does it boost your energy, increase lean muscle mass, decrease your risk for certain health conditions and help you manage your weight, but it also improves your mood and enables you to live longer.

Open gym (for youth & adults)
  *Check Schedule

Producing community awareness, engagement, and garden sustainability.  The Gardening Club yielded over 900 pounds of produce at the end of the previous summer season to share with community partners.

Gardening Club

A therapeutic horseback riding program where students learn handling of horses, roping, care and health of horses and their environments including barn care, tacking and horsemanship..

Upon completion of the program, youth have the opportunity to engage in riding and participating in fun activities with their horse.  

Horse Therapy Program

Arts & Culture

Children who succeed despite overwhelming personal, economic and social obstacles do so often because of a caring adult in their lives. Mentoring outcomes include greater participation in school, improved attendance, higher graduation and college admission rates, and better overall performance.

NY State Mentor

Participants are offered a wide variety of art, music, and interactive programs designed to foster self-expression while building confidence, social and communication skills, while growing self-esteem.

Cultural Exposure

EOP values the diversity and the unique contributions of each individual and celebrates and supports the richness of diversity in the community and the world. This is done with a variety of programs, events, and educational experiences.

Celebrate Diversity

Through various job training fun and interactive programs, workshops, events, clubs, and certifications, participants learn valuable skills and knowledge to better prepare them for higher education, job or career.

College & Job Readiness

This music program trains youth in the areas of vocal, instrumental, writing, and technical abilities. They learn about listening, vocal techniques and performance that expand their artistic interests. The Music Consortium performs at multiple events throughout the year.

Music Consortium

Vocal & Production

EDCC has partnered with the Chemung County SPCA for animal education.  Youth participate in a 10-week program to learn care & enrichment of dogs and cats.  Youth engage with animals while learning to read body language and development.  Youth also assist with the Pet Food Pantry to see how the process intertwines with the SPCA daily operations.

Animal Education

Elmira College School of Fashion will be collaborating with the Ernie Davis Community Center youth.  Participants follow a structured curriculum week by week in preparation for the finale Fashion Show.

Fashion Club

Ernie Davis Community Center
350 East Fifth Street
Elmira, NY 14901
Open Monday - Friday
2:30pm to 8:00pm

Program Director
Tina Brown, ext. 228


EDCC partners with the Community Arts of the Southern Tier so youth can participate in after-school and Saturday sessions with painting professionals.  Youth are assisted in “focus” projects to learn different styles of art.

Painting Workshops

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