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EOP is a 501(c)(3) Community Action Organization dedicated to helping thousands of Southern Tier residents. What do we do? We do people. Click on the image below to find out what that means

Vision & Mission


The Economic Opportunity Program Inc. of Chemung and Schuyler Counties (EOP) envisions a future where all people in our community live with dignity and have the opportunity and ability to live economically productive and satisfying lives.


To achieve this vision, EOP provides services that create positive change in individuals, families, and our community; and encourages and facilitates participation by all people who can help make our vision a reality.



  • People living with Dignity.

  • Families and communities as the  foundation for individual stability and growth.

  • Diversity and the unique contributions of each individual.

  • Active community participation and involvement by government, community leaders, donors, human service providers, and others in enabling people to enjoy economic stability and growth.

  • A living wage for all individuals and families to promote financial stability.

  • Excellence in services that create positive change in individuals and families.

  • Effective and efficient use of all human, material, and financial resources.

  • Integrity in allocating our resources and providing services.

  • Collaborative partnerships in the community.

  • Competent and caring staff to deliver quality services that honor people’s rights to confidentiality.

  • Recognition of staff and volunteers as our most valuable resource in carrying out the mission of EOP.

  • Human resource development and support as a primary means for ensuring personal and professional growth

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