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Nabe 1920s


Nabe 1930s


Nabe 1940s


Nabe 1950s


Nabe 1960s


  • Executive Director– Mr. Kromer

  • Director of Programs– Jean Pirizolo

  • Pat Gilliam-Junior Council

  • 1966,1967,1968- Super  start of EFA and frequenting the neighborhood house

  • JV Baseball, Basketball-Guy Vickers, Terry Lewis Don Jackson, Tony Green, Major Roberts

  • Varsity Football-Lionel Cheatham Robert Rollins, Mike Reid, Ronald Gilliam, John Carroll

  • Varsity Wrestling-Frank Robinson. Terry Lewis, R. Lucas, D. Johnson, D. Jackson, Matthew Moss, David Jones, Tony Greene

  • Track and Field- Robert Rollins, Ron Gilliam, Terry Lewis, Darrell Johnson

  • JV Football-Guy Vickers, Tony Greene, Troy Moss, Alvin Roberts

  • Cross Country- Jimmy Spriggs

  • JV Championship- Team Alvin Roberts, Guy Vickers, Bobby Rollins, Ruby Howard, Rudy Howard, Keith Ward

  • Varsity Cheerleaders-Cynthia Vickers, Caryl Lowman, Lynne Clawson, Nancy Schott, Sarah Carradini

  • JV Cheerleaders-Cookie Pugh, Deborah Reid, Candice Jones 

  • Coaches– C. Robinson, Mr. Pillard

  • 1967 Football Player of the year– Ron Gilliam

  • Two Class AA Basketball Championships

  • Class of 1967- Lionel Cheathem, Ron Gilliam, Cathy Gilliam, George Horsey, Mary Horsey, George Howard ,Roy Moss, Beatric Moss, Mike Reid, Joann Pittman, Frank Robinson, Linda Watson.

  • Class of 1968- Isabelle Bennette, Billy Burns, Lois Carroll, Candice Coleman, Tony Green, Linda Griffen, Darryl Johnson, Terry Lewis, Matthew Moss, Edgar Owen, Fred “Butchie” Pittman, Charles Peters, Dian Paul, Barbarah Pugh, Deborah Reid, Millie Terry, Bobby Rollins, Keith Ward, Patsy Vickers.

  • Astronaut Eileen Collins (now age 50) got her beginning at Camp El-Ne-Ho Day Camp and Harris hill Camp El-Ne-Ho. She was introduced to the gliders at that time. She had a sister and a brother who also attended the camp.

Nabe 1970s


  • Program Coordinator– Danny Watson

  • Director of Programs– Gordon Hills

  • March 1970 - The EOP Board purchased the old Mormon Church building at 310 West Third Street for $12,500 to house its summer program and develop a Youth Center.  One of the first occupants was the Black and White Teen Theater sponsored by the Neighborhood House and funded by EOP.

  • Drama Club is established.

  • Girls basketball, and Drill teams are established.

Nabe 1980s


  • January 16, 1987 - The Elmira Neighborhood House closes.

  • 1987 - Second Place East joined the EOP family after the Elmira neighborhood House closed its doors, having provided many, many years of service to Eastside residents. The New Day Community Center was opened at Fassett School to provide recreational and cultural activities for youth ages 6-17 as a replacement for similar activities provided by the Neighborhood House.

  • 1989 – The Neighborhood House reopens with its new name: Ernie Davis Community Center.

Nabe 1990s


  • February 1993 - Scott Beecher named Executive Director of the Ernie Davis Community Center.

  • 1996 - Administration of the Ernie Davis Community Center program transferred to EOP upon recommendation of Chemung County and approval of the Ernie Davis Board of Directors.  Many Ernie Davis Center programs combined with New Day programs already being operated by EOP.

  • 1998 - Land adjacent to the Ernie Davis Community Center (the site of the original Elmira Neighborhood House) was purchased to become the site of the  new EOP Ernie Davis Family Center.

Nabe 2000s


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