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About the EOP Literacy Program

Literacy Volunteers' main goal is to provide opportunities through literacy.

his means that we do not just stop at helping individuals learn to read and write, we help them improve their lives and become better citizens. With the help of our dedicated tutors, our adult students are able to acquire jobs, earn their GED, enroll in college, become involved in their children's education, and so much more.  

Our Vision

EOP Literacy Volunteers of Chemung and Schuyler Counties (LVCSC) envisions a future where all members of our community have empowered themselves to become lifelong learners by striving for knowledge, and supporting and inspiring others to achieve personal literacy goals. 

Our Mission

The mission of the LVCSC is to support one-on-one confidential tutoring, free of charge, to adults who live and work in Chemung and Schuyler Counties; and to fulfill their personal literacy goals by empowering them to read, write, speak, and comprehend the English Language. 

The EOP Literacy Program is an accredited affiliate of Literacy NY


Literacy New York (LNY) provides training and technical assistance to a diverse network of volunteer-based literacy organizations and supports their capacity to be well-managed, and well-governed and to provide quality instruction. Learn more about Literacy NY HERE.

How it Works

Our program serves adults in Chemung and Schuyler Counties

Volunteer tutors are trained by Literacy Volunteers staff and are then carefully matched with their new learners. Tutors and learners meet weekly for about 2 hours wherever a safe and comfortable learning environment ca be found.


We serve both Basic Literacy and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Our tutors are trained and equipped with the knowledge and tools to become a successful tutor.


We work with each tutor to help them develop goals, objectives, and lesson plans and provide a multitude of different resources for them to use. The student, tutor, and program staff work as a team in order to teach each individual in the best way possible. 

Please join our family and make the first step in changing someone's life! 

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